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In Gainesville, FL, it’s sunny 224 days of the year, and frequent exposure to that much sunshine damages your skin, furniture, and vehicle interior. Protect yourself and your prized possessions by ordering window tint Gainesville, FL services.


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At Pro Tints Gainesville, we have several years of experience providing superior residential, commercial, and automotive window tinting services. Our highly rated services have earned us multiple five-star reviews. Are you in Ridgewood, Suburban Heights, Westmoreland, or somewhere else close to Gainesville? Contact us today to discuss your window tinting needs with our friendly experts.

Do You Need Car Tinting Gainesville, FL? We Have You Covered

Pro Tints Gainesville is the one-stop-shop for car window tinting in Gainesville, FL. We use only high-quality products from top brands to ensure our customers get the best results. If you need window tinting to achieve a desired aesthetic or other goals, we can deliver.
How Often You Should Replace Window Tint

If you already have window tints but are unhappy with the look or performance, we offer window tinting replacement services. Low-quality tints last for about five years or less, especially if the installation is subpar. Our auto tinting services deliver superior results that last for over a decade. Signs that indicate it’s time to replace your window tints are:
· Bubbles appearing beneath the window film
· The film starts peeling off your windows
· Multiple cracks and scratches across the film
· Fibers stuck between the tint and window
· The color of the tint is fading or turning purple

Our specialized equipment enables us to remove and replace your old window film without damaging your glass. Contact our experts to inspect your current window tinting and advise you regarding getting a replacement.
We also Specialize in Custom Glass Tinting Gainesville, FL for Homes and Businesses
Your vehicle isn’t your only property that can benefit from window tinting. Check out our window films for commercial and residential buildings.

Commercial Tinting

Relying solely on a commercial HVAC for indoor climate control is expensive. Our window tints can reduce your business’ heating and cooling bills by 10 to 15% by decreasing the UV rays and heat that enter your building.
Our commercial tinting also gives your place of business a more official look from the outside. Plus, you’ll have fewer worries about people spying through your business windows.

Residential Tinting

Like commercial tinting, residential window tints can boost your home’s energy efficiency, helping you save money over the years. The window film also keeps out the harmful UV rays that damage your skin, flooring, furniture, and more.
Do you want to improve your home’s security and privacy? Let our experts provide you with options that make your windows shatter-proof and keep out peeping Toms.

Types of Window Tint

Various types of glass tinting are available, and they all protect your interior by reflecting, absorbing, and transmitting sun rays. UV ray reflective tinting keeps out harmful rays by bouncing them off your windows. Absorbent tints absorb most of the rays, limiting the amount that gets past your window.
The degree to which window tinting performs these functions depends on the type of tint you have us install. Below are popular options and their unique benefits.

Dyed Window Tinting

Dyed Window Tinting

Dyed window tints are the most affordable. Even though they are inexpensive, dyed window tints can provide reliable solar heat protection, depending on the quality of the installed product. Dyed window tinting uses multiple layers of dye to keep out harmful sun rays. The dye absorbs the rays, preventing some of them from entering your interior. The tint’s darkness makes it ideal for improving privacy, but the product tends to fade over time, making it a less durable window tint option.

Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized window tints contain microscopic metal particles that bounce back sunlight. The material’s reflective surface prevents harsh glares within your interior. Besides keeping out harmful sun rays, metalized window tinting adds an extra layer of security to your windows by making them shatter-resistant. It is also more durable and scratch- and fade-resistant than dyed glass tinting.

Hybrid Window Tinting

Hybrid Window Tinting

This is a mix of metalized and dyed window tinting, delivering the best of both worlds (heat rejection and absorption). The most popular hybrid window tinting uses a blend of grey dye and titanium particles. It is highly durable and keeps out a significant amount of heat and UV rays. The film isn’t too dark or reflective, providing a sleek look but average privacy.

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon Window Tint Film

Compared to other types of tinted window film, carbon tinting has several advantages. Its superior matte-finish is the most aesthetically pleasing, and its carbon content keeps out 40% of the rays that heat up and damage your interior.
Besides keeping your interior cool in summer, installing the tint can also reduce the need for heating in winter. Carbon tinting costs more than dye tinting, but its durability and cost-saving features make it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic Window Tinting

The window film contains microscopic ceramic particles, which are non conductive. It keeps out up to 50% of solar heat and 99% of UV rays without compromising visibility through your windows. Unlike metallic tints, ceramic tinting does not block signals from home and vehicle electronic appliances. However, it costs more than its metallic counterpart and is just as durable and shatter-resistant. To learn more about your window tinting options, talk to Pro Tints Gainesville. Our experts can provide all the information you need to pick the best window tint for your home, business, or vehicle.

Crystalline Tints

Crystalline Tints

Crystalline tints keep out harmful sun rays without darkening your windows. The window film is transparent but keeps out ultraviolet radiation and solar heat. It’s ideal for consumers who want to avoid the reduced visibility caused by dark tints.

Benefits of Mobile Window Tinting Gainesville, FL

Installing tints on your car windows has several benefits, especially if you choose us for mobile window tinting in Gainesville, FL. These benefits include:

Legal Window Tinting Solution

Every state has its own laws regarding installing window tints. In Gainesville, FL, the darkest legal tint percentages allowed for cars are:
· Front side windows must let in over 28% of light
· Backside and rear windows must let in over 15% light
· Non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line
· Front windows must be below 25% reflective
· Back windows must be under 35% reflective

Trucks and SUVs can have back side and rear windows that let in 6% light or more. Our team is familiar with all the latest legal standards. Choose us for a window tint solution that meets your needs without breaking any laws.

Reduced UV Radiation

Continuous UV ray exposure can lead to sunburns, eye diseases like macular degeneration, skin cancer, and other health issues. High-quality window tints (like the ceramic films we install) stop up to 99% UV radiation from entering your vehicle.
Whether you are taking a long or short drive on the sunniest of Florida days, window tinting from Pro Tints Gainesville will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Protect Your Car Upholstery

Constant exposure to harsh sunlight also damages the interior of your vehicle, negatively impacting its aesthetics and resale value. Our auto window tints prevent excessive sunlight and heat from entering and causing cracked, peeling, or fading upholstery.

Improved Security

Desperate criminals get into cars by smashing the windows. Our high-quality glass tint films make your windows shatter-proof, making it harder for intruders to break inside. Besides keeping out thieves, shatter-proof windows reduce the risk of injuries from broken glass during car accidents.

Improved Aesthetics

The right window tints can improve the overall aesthetics of your vehicle and even boost its value. We have tints in various shades to give your car a distinct and impressive look.

Better Privacy

Installing window tints gives you the freedom to be yourself within your car without worrying about onlookers. Our custom glass tints will shield you from the prying eyes of passersby. Dark tints also improve security by preventing would-be thieves from spotting valuables inside your vehicle.

Reduce Glare

Your sun visor protects against glaring sunlight from only a few angles. Let us provide you with a window tint in Gainesville, FL that keeps out the sun from all angles. Our window tints also reduce the glare of lights from oncoming vehicles at night. Glare protection prevents sudden blinding lights, letting you drive safely during day or night.

Keep Your Car Cool

Frequent usage of your AC or heater increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption, but with tints, you can enjoy more miles per gallon, regardless of the weather outside. Our carbon and ceramic window tinting solutions are excellent for keeping the temperature within your vehicle pleasant.

During summer, the tint keeps out harsh sunlight and external heat, reducing how often you need the car AC to stay cool. In winter, the tint serves as an effective insulator by keeping in the warmth from your heater.

What to Expect When You Choose Our Auto Window Tinting Gainesville, FL

If you want professional window tint installation that delivers peace of mind and excellent results, work with our experienced and well-equipped experts. Below is a simplified version of our process when performing auto window tinting in Gainesville, FL:

  • Inspect the vehicle and window to determine the right tint to use.
  • Clean the window’s interior to remove any particles that may compromise installing the film.
  • Remove any excess moisture from the surface that might affect the film’s adhesive.
  • Measure and cut the film to fit the window before placing it on the glass.
  • Place the pre-cut film’s adhesive side over the window, starting at the bottom edge, and gently press it down.
  • Pressing gently upwards to avoid crinkles and bubbles under the film.
  • Once satisfied with the film’s application, apply soapy water to the surface of the film.
  • Use a rubber squeegee to push the film firmly onto the glass (the soapy water provides lubrication for the squeegee).
  • Continue wetting the film while using the squeegee to get rid of air bubbles from under the film.
  • Avoid changing the direction of the squeegee mid-stroke, or it might trap air beneath the film.
  • Keep going until air bubbles and application solution are no longer visible under the film.
  • Wait for the adhesive to dry before washing the car or rolling the windows up or down.

We have window film options for sedans, trucks, and other types of vehicles from every manufacturer. We specialize in delivering flawless installations on the first try. Plus, to protect your interests, all our installations come with a lifetime warranty.
Besides vehicles, we offer a full line of window films for residential and commercial windows. Whether you are in or around University Park, Sugarfoot, or Highland Court Manor, reach out to us to request a quote.

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Why Choose Us for Gainesville Tinting?

Pro Tints Gainesville is the go-to Gainesville tint supplier and installer for the following reasons:

  • Quick Turnaround: Our installation process is quick yet meticulous, so you can start enjoying your newly optimized windows as soon as possible.
  • Mess-Free: As part of our customer-centric services, we clean up after ourselves after each job.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use the latest in window tinting technology to deliver error-free installations that stand the test of time.
  • Honest Advice: When you need professional guidance, we’ll provide all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.
  • Transparent and Competitive Pricing: Our prices for professional window tinting are some of the most attractive in Gainesville.
  • No Legal Worries: Our services adhere to the highest quality standards and the latest Florida laws.

Count on us for tailored window tint solutions that fit your budget and other requirements.

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Don’t let anyone but a tested and proven technician handle your window tint installation or replacement job. If you are in Duck Pond, Hazel Heights, Pleasant Street Historic District, or elsewhere in Gainesville, Pro Tints Gainesville is the window film installer to contact.
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